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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  March 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> and howard bernstein has our weather first. a dense fog advisory in effect for just about everybody. we'll look at that in a moment. by afternoon some sunshine is going to return like the last couple of days. we'll see highs 70 to 75. winds fairly light, northeast to southeast 5, 6, 8 miles an hour. many advice i can'ts in -- advice i can'ts in many -- visibilities in many years down to a quarter of a mile. pax river, the northern neck a mile and a half at reagan national. there's the dense fog advisory. it does not include howard and anne arundel counties but you guys definitely going to see pockets of dense fog as well. this goes till 10:00 a.m. a quick look at temperatures. mainly in the 50s to close to 60 degrees here in town. it is 6:00 a.m. monika santami is in now with the latest time saver traffic. if you're planning to head outside, it's going to be the fog that's going to affect your drive this morning. otherwise things have been looking fairly calm around town. i'm going to start off with a look at 270 on the southbound side. it is slowing down leaving
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frederick down into damascus. you're going about 36 miles an hour at route 80. then beyond that you're okay down to the point where the lanes divide. it's just the volume through rockville and over to the beltway. we'll take a live look right now at the beltway on the beltway near route 1 in college park. i'm just getting word of an accident just south of route 1 closer to kenilworth avenue. keep that in mind for your travel plans. back over to the maps and this time let's take a look at the bw parkway and route 50 heading into chervely. you're okay -- cheverly. you're okay until you hit the northeast corridor. that's a bit slow on new york avenue. we'll take a look at eastern avenue at kenilworth. things are looking fine here. in my next report we'll go over to i-95 in virginia at 6:11. on this wednesday morning, we are focusing on the race for president. mitt romney is the winner in the republican primary in illinois. he won by a double digit margin. >> now two of the other g.o.p. candidates are focusing on our region or two of them rather.
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delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with the latest. who's coming here? >> reporter: mitt romney is coming to maryland a little later today. he will spend all day in that state talking to supporters. and last nitric santorum wasn't too far away. he was rallying his troops in gettysburg, pennsylvania. let's take a look at some of the numbers that we have in this race so far. romney you can see is leading the pack by a huge margin, 534 delegates to santorum's 218. gingrich and paul, they are vowing to stick with it, stay in the race, though you can see they are trailing 120 and 42 delegates respectively. again as a reminder 1,144 delegates in total are needed to clinch the republican nomination nomination. >> i see a time when we'll finally have a government that understands it's better for people to pay less in taxes than for a very few to pay a lot more. >> first i want to congratulate
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governor romney. i gave him a call a little earlier and congratulated him on winning the state of illinois, but i also want to say i just want to thank all of the folks in illinois, all -- if lieu at what is going to happen tonight, we're going to win down state. we're going to win central illinois, western illinois. we won the areas the conservatives and republicans populate and we're very happy about that. we're happy about the delegates we're going to get too. >> reporter: rick santorum talking to his supporters in gettysburg, pennsylvania last night. we had a reporter there, gary nurenberg. you want to hear what he asked rick santorum and what santorum promised gary nurenberg and all of our viewers and his supporters. we'll also coming up in my next live report have a look admit romney's schedule in maryland. we'll see you in a half-hour. >> delia goncalves reporting live from our satellite center this morning. here's what the primary calendar looks like going forward. this saturday it's louisiana
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primary. santorum holds a 13-point advantage over romney in the latest poll there. april 3 voters in the district, maryland and wisconsin go to the polls. it's a big gap from there to april 24 where five states including new york and pennsylvania hold their primaries. you may run into a little extra traffic on route 7 in northern virginia this morning. that is because there will be a funeral procession for a marine pilot. captain michael quin will be buried at arlington national cemetery today. he died during a training accident last month in arizona. he was a 2002 graduate of loudoun valley high school. his remains came home to purcelville last week. thousands of people lined the streets to pay their respects. now a follow-up to a story you saw first here on channel 9. arlington's police chief has recrinded a men -- rescinded a memo calling for quotas. in less than 24 hours after our
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story aired, the police chief acted. he issued another memo saying the first was not intended to set quotas. >> i've never advocated quotas. i've never ever disciplined an officer because they didn't hit a numeric number for a monthly arrest total. and even the perception that that exists bothers me. >> chief scott added there will be no disciplinary action against the two patrol commanders who sent out that original memo. a crash in prince george's county sent radioactive debris on to the road. there's no serious danger, though, according to officials that soil density gauge flew out of a pickup truck after a crash in again dale monday. experts -- in glendale monday. experts determined it was not hazardous. the gauge contains a small amount of radioactive material but again the cleanup guys say everyone would was exposed is going to be just fine.
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6:05. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> when it comes to making a living, part of our region apparently is number one in the whole country. >> we'll give smu hints here. really low unemployment rate and some higher than expected revenue figures. okay. >> the commonwealth? >> bingo. ranks virginia as the best state to make a living and it bolted it up from fourth place last year. contributing factors, average income is rising to over $43 thousand. the cost of living dropping and a lower unemployment rate. also, a stable income tax. maryland came in at number 23 on this list. is buying a robot army. these are more orange robotic arms on wheels than humanoid robots you see in the movies. still it will help them fill orders at its massive
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distribution locations. amazon is not saying if the robots will lead to staff reductions. when you're interviewing you're not serbably surprised if a possible -- not terribly surprised if a possible employer asks you about your personal information but what if they ask you for your facebook password. this is happening to a growing number of people. the associated press found this happening in jobs like law enforcement but also found it in the private sector. and it does not appear to be illegal at this point to ask for those passwords to be handed over. >> it seems so unethical. >> it seems intrusive. ask them for theirs. >> you can't ask if somebody has children or if they're married but they could ask for this potentially which is basically like reading your diary. >> i would guess in this economic situation, people are giving them the passwords. >> that's exactly right. >> that's scary. >> makes me uncomfortable.
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thanks, jess. our time is coming up on 6:08. in five minutes hear from the montgomery county teachers taking their principal to court. learn why they want him gone. first, if you're sipping that cup of coffee or in the middle of brushing your teeth, just look over at the tv just a second. check out this video from the cherry blossoms. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon along the tidal basin. which days in week will be best to check them out? howard has the answer coming up in your weather first next.
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once again we've got the low clouds and fog around. a few showers well south of washington down toward the northern neck of virginia. we'll see sunshine returning this afternoon as highs unseasonably warm into the lower 70s. we're going to take a look at the beltway in college park on the outer loop before route 1. maryland state police are on the scene of an accident in the two left lanes. you need to stay to the right to get by. it's jammed heading north on the beltway into college park. i'll have more on that situation in my next report at 6:17. the man accused of killing three jewish children in france says he will surrender to police in the next few hours.
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until then it is a tense standoff. >> that's one of the stories making news at 6:12 this morning. the suspect is hold up in a house in toulouse. he's been identified at a 24- year-old french man who claims to be affiliated with al qaeda. he's wanted in those murders of three children along with a rabbi and three french paratroopers recently as well. 60 homes were destroyed and 800 damaged in yesterday's earthquake in mexico. fortunately no errors of any death -- no reports of any deaths. the quake had a magnitude of 7.4. first dawd mali -- first daughter malia obama was in mexico with other school students. she's said to be fine. a movement -- [indiscernible] accusations this morning of bullying inside a montgomery county school. not by a student but by the
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principal. >> his accuser? six teachers. all of this revolves around kemp mill elementary school in silver spring. bruce leshan tells us what the teachers are saying and it gets response from the county. >> i cried all the way to work in my car and i cried all the way home. >> reporter: fifth grade teacher carmel says the bullying, intimidation and harassment by principal floyd starnes has gotten so bad, she's been forced to take medical leave after 22 years teaching and a decade at kemp mill. >> what you're doing to my children is wrong. >> reporter: she says he retaliated after she complained that he had illegally jammed her classroom with struggling children, many of them special needs. >> to have the lowest students in a grade level all put into one class is unheard of. >> reporter: with no help. >> with no help. >> reporter: no help at all? >> no help. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges starnes calls male
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teachers doll, honey, sweety, and babe, that he touched, slapped, pinched at least one of those teachers in a sexually suggestive way. a music teacher complained that starnes had taken a child into a small closet and shut the door where the two remained alone for 30 minutes. >> he retaliates. he falsifies documents on evaluations. would you like it if your boss touched you? >> reporter: last year the teachers alleged half of their colleagues fled what they see as a hostile work environment. 100 percent of teachers once recommended kemp mill as a good place to work. but that has fallen precipitously since starnes arrived. >> the year following his first year on the job, the survey had fallen under 30% and it's currently 9.8%. >> reporter: there have already been at least two
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investigations of this principal, and a school spokesman is just out with this statement saying it is unfortunate that these teachers are using the media to make accusations that have thus far been proafen to be overwhelmingly false and erroneous. >> montgomery county schools adds the allegations have been raised by some of the same workers in the past. each time they were found to have little or no merit and were dropped. 6:15 this wednesday morning and we've been talking about the cherry blossom festival officially started yesterday. we just want to show you another look this morning. this is live. this is why millions of people will be descending on the nation's capital to see the beautiful blossoms. a little farther away you might be seeing them shrouded in a little fog. >> you probably want to get down there either this afternoon, tomorrow or friday afternoon. friday is going to be warm. don't forget the sunscreen when
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you go. here's a look at the visibilities this morning starting with the fog. many areas a quarter mile now. leesburg and dulles, out toward warrenton, most of southern maryland. two and a half the latest reported at reagan national. gaithersburg one half mile. the national weather service has issue add dense fog advisory till 10:00 a.m. for everybody east of the blue ridge till you head up toward baltimore. but even up to carroll county we have dense fog. your bus stop forecast the low clouds, the fog. not any rain thankfully unlike yesterday where we had temps in the low 50s and 60s. our day planner, we are going to have the low clouds and fog around. 60 degrees at 9:00. 11:00 64. winds will turn more east and southeast this afternoon. as the sunshine returns, we'll see highs in the low to maybe even mid-70s if we get the sun earlier enough and maybe a 10%, 20% chance of a shower.
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not thinking we'll see much in the way of showers this afternoon. had a few overnight and early this morning well to the south there, isolated across southern maryland now with temperatures with the fog 57 at the pax river naval air station. foggy and 57 also in gaithersburg. fredricksburg is 62. and in washington as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, there's the fog downtown. bright lights lighting the capitol dome. an east, northeast wind at 8 miles an hour. humidity high at 94%. the storm system in texas, this is going to be our problems for the weekend. you can see this thing spinning in west text teb. it's bringing in -- west texas. it's bringing in all this moisture across louisiana. that storm system will be here for the weekend. so our weekend rain chances are going up with scattered showers and storms and it does looks like that's going to keep the highs, knock them down into the 60s. so as we look at the forecast, today we'll eventually make low, maybe mid-70s with afternoon sunshine. morning fog. tonight back in the 50s to near
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60 with more clouds and fog returning. light winds. tomorrow afternoon sun again, 77. we'll get afternoon sun on friday, 81 though. friday looks drier and warmer. then the weekend looks unsettled. highs knock down into the 60s and drying out early next week. it is now 6:18. monika is walking in with time saver traffic. the fog has been a bit of a pain this morning and there's an accident with reduced visibilities. i guess this might happen, especially in college park. i've been watching what it looks like there. i'm going to go there first. if you're planning to head over to the outer loop of the beltway, an accident here. look at all the red blocking the two left lanes. you're only going about 19 miles an hour trying to get around to the right past the accident where state police are on the scene. once you're beyond that, you're going to be okay. everyone stuck behind the accident. let's take a live look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. as you can see traffic moving freely on the outer loop here because everyone is stuck trying to get into college park. again the outer loop before route 1, two left lanes are blocked with that accident.
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let's go back over to the map this time heading over to 270 on the southbound side where you've got just slow traffic, a bit of fog leftover still as you leave frederick into damascus. you're going about 26 miles an hour trying to get past route 80. once you're beyond that, you're still okay down to the point where the lanes divide. let's take another look live outside. if you're planning to head here north of the american legion bridge, the west side of the beltway looks fine. there are no problems right now into tysons corner. in my next report, we'll update you on the accident over in college park. before i go, i have a commuter alert. today maryland state police will begin a new effort to make sure you know about the state's move over law. what is the move over law? if you see blue or red emergency lights on the shoulder of the highway, you need to move over a lane. the idea is to keep first responders safe. the penalty? $110 fine and two points on your license. the loss took effect back in october. the state police will be raising awareness with a new sticker on public safety
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vehicles like police patrol cars and fire trucks. right now only hawaii and d.c., they're the only places in the u.s. without a move over law on the books. did you know since 1999 about 164 police officers have been killed while stopped on the side of the road on a highway so this is an important thing to remember. >> dangerous. on our cross-country trip last summer, we did notice people actually practicing that move over. giving wide berth to any vehicle broken down, especially if a police officer was there. >> see the flashing lights, move over. >> good advice. thanks, monika. 6:ten. time for another check of our question of the morning this morning. >> today's question right now at least 15% of men in america are suffering. that's an interesting term. from which of these problems? is it a, insomnia, b, mismatched socks or c, a tallen zipper? -- >> fallen zipper? >> i think if it's a fallen zipper, other people are suffering. one person says d, all of the
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above. >> we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54.
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welcome back. 6:24 with your weather first. a dense fog advisory till 10:00 a.m. many areas of visibilities a half mile or less. give yourself extra time and would the low beams. the clouds start to break up toward midday. sunshine returns with low to mid-70s. the redskins made a big trade to get the second pick in this year's n.f.l. draft and they hope to learn more about that guy they want. >> that man would be robert griffin, aka rg3. he'll be working out at baylor university. it's a chance for him to show off his skills a little more. the skins are hoping griffin will be on board when they pick number two in the draft april 26. the university of maryland women are the last local basketball team standing in the ncaa tournament. both men's and women's. the lady hoyas were bounced
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last night. they were taking on georgia tech. georgetown never got closer than eight points in the second half. sydney wallace had 24 points from the yellow jackets. georgetown falls 76-64. down in the grapefruit league the nationals were visiting the mets last night. stephen strasburg on the mound gave up just two hits and struck out three. but the offense didn't help him at all. nats get blanked 2-0. they'll take on the braves this afternoon. time 6:25. still ahead, it could cost you even more to flush your toilet if you live in maryland. >> when it comes to couples and money, learn about one of the hottest new trends. jessica doyle has that story in 12 minutes. >> you can learn what to expect for your morning commute. right now monika has that. >> the beltway in college park, outer loop side slowing down to route 1. an accident there along the left side of the road. i'll keep you posted on that and other area roadways coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now.
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we'll be right back.
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we're back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. mark boss is hard at work ated tidal basin. check out this shot of the cherry blossoms, the washington monument there and a little shroud of fog in the area. very pretty picture.
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>> it looks fantastic. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. even when we see the fog like that, we can't complain, it's still so beautiful. >> it's really cool looking and a great time of year to be at the tidal basin. we have low clouds and fog in northwest. even spotty drizzle so very damp. kind of a little frizz alert for you if this is going to affect your hairstyle today. keep that in mind. we have temperatures by noon in the upper 60s. low clouds and fog will be with us for several hours but sun returns this afternoon. 5:00 72. stray shower. that's it. maybe 10%, 20%. visibilities down to a quarter mile in leesburg. three-quarters gaithersburg. half-mile andrews and strapford. a lot of dense fog out there and a dense fog advisory is in effect east of the blue ridge till 10:00 a.m. near baltimore not under the advisory but watch out in howard and anne arundel counties and carroll for patchy dense fog. fredricksburg is 62. monika santami is inside.
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she's got time saver traffic. >> definitely the hot spot is going to be college park right now. that's because of an accident that was long-standing on the outer loop right near route 1 blocking the two left lanes. i'm just getting word that state police are moving it to the shoulder but look at all this slow traffic going about 18 miles an hour leaving at least the bw parkway if not before heading northbound toward the accident scene. let's take a live look a little further west at new hampshire avenue where traffic is looking great because everyone is stuck behind the accident. you're looking fine on the north side of town through silver spring right now. let's go back over to the map this time to virginia on the northbound side of i-95. luckily this has been incident free but all the red means slow traffic out of lorton, 18 miles an hour trying to get into newington. springfield looks okay. we'll take a live look at 395 at duke street and edsall road where you have a bit of slow traffic here as well. want to quickly mention military funeral procession just began headed to arlington national cemetery leaving route 7 in purcelville over to the
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greenway, dulles toll road and i-66. expect to find peered ontic closures along the way. coming up -- peered ontic closures along the way. we'll take another look at 6472. we're -- 6:42. we're hitting the campaign trail. mitt romney wins the illinois primary. in the delegate countess' about halfway to the nomination. >> this morning he'll be visiting maryland. delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. romney has a full day in maryland stopping in three different cities in maryland hoping to talk and rally his supporters in each of those areas capitalizing on his momentum from last night's big win with voters in illinois. romney will continue to highlight his agenda points and plans to boost the economy in maryland later today. the former massachusetts governor will start with a private lunch at annapolis' naval academy. then off to frederick. he will host public town halls.
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as for his main rival, rick santorum, the former pennsylvania senator was in his old stomping grounds last night speaking to supporters. our gary nurenberg was with santorum in gettysburg, pennsylvania last night. >> historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means to force through obama care but leads from behind in the world, it's time to say these words this word, enough. >> reporter: how about a word for your neighbors in maryland in. >> we'll be in maryland. we'll be in maryland. we'll be hustling. i think we'll be there next week. >> reporter: fighting through the crowd to get a question out to rick santorum who promises to be in our neck of the woods next week. as for the future looking ahead in the race, louisiana, their primary is next week. voters here in maryland and d.c. head to the polls april 3.
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back to you. >> delia goncalves reporting live from our satellite center this morning. thank you. mitt romney is giving his support to a budget plan by congressman congress -- by republican congressman paul ryan. he plans to cut other entitlements plans. >> we are here to offer americans the chance to choose which future they want for themselves. the president's path of debt and decline or the path that we're proposing, a path to renew prosperity for americans. >> the plan would raise the medicare retirement age from 65 to 67. it would cut funding to medicaid, food stamps and pell grants and cut some tax rates and reduce the deficit. the white house dismissed ryan's plan. more than 600 people locked arms and marched against hate crimes targeting gay, lesbian and transgender community members. this is what it looked like
6:35 am
last night at 14th and irving streets columbia heights. a gay man was shot at the ihop there earlier this month after a confrontation with a group of customers. city officials say they want to send a message that sexually biased crimes will not be tolerated. >> i do think there is a perception that certain people are more vulnerable to target of crime. >> the suspect in that case has not been captured. the march ended at dupont circle at a nightclub. soon maryland homeowners may have to pay more to flush the toilet. a state house committee approved the measure yesterday to double the flush tax. right now it's $30 a year. it would double again to 60. the money would go to improving sewage plants that the state says would reduce pollution in the chesapeake bay. 6:35. jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> just because you're not getting married doesn't mean you don't need a prenup.
6:36 am
what? >> that's right. more couples are opting to not walk down the aisle recently. that doesn't mean they are planning a future together and protecting their own assets in the process. a growing number are using what are called company habitation agreements. these are agreements that are essentially prenups for couples who have no intention of getting married. 39% of attorneys are seeing an increase of these types of agreements over the last five years. half have seen a decrease in court battles. couples should specify the rights and support for each party safeguarding against picking up the other's debts. the agreement can also help you divide assets if you own property with someone who isn't your spouse. the research center says 51% of all adults nowadays are tying the knot and that is a record low. but if you're thinking about taking the plunge, what about shelling out for the rings?
6:37 am
with the price of precious metals way up, the cost of the bands and engagement runs are way up, too. a company called jewelry is seeing an increase in ranges made of less expensive materials. we're talking titanium, ceramic and other met as. on the site -- sales are up 72%. titanium wedding bands were up 57% from 2010 to 2011. i looked up tongston rings because i never heard of them before. they claim to be the strongest metal out there available for wedding bands. >> i thought it was the stuff philomount was made out of and light bulbs. >> interesting. our time is 6:36. we're celebrating chocolate week this week n. nine minutes the unlikely pairing with a popular breakfast food. foggy out there this
6:38 am
morning. eventually it will clear out. we're going to have highs in the 70s. a beautiful day to look at the beautiful cherry blossoms right there. howard has a look at the weekend, too, coming up. >> now for a look at what's on channel 9 tonight at 8:00.
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welcome back. time saver traffic now. several things to tell you about. look at the beltway over into college park on the outer loop. it is very heavy and slow trying to get over to route 1 where an accident was moved to the shoulder. but you're going about 19 miles an hour with the lanes open leaving the greenbelt area heading all the way north into college park again with the lanes open. once you're beyond that, it's pretty normal through silver spring. also several separate accidents
6:43 am
coming in on the northbound side of route 4 at the suitland parkway. another one route 5. a five- vehicle accident at earn social security shaw and crews are there -- at urnshaw and crews are there on the scene. clarks burke, no incidents senate roadways, just difficult to see. if you're planning to head over to virginia, let's go there live. no problems to report 066. just the slow traffic through falls church. there is a military funeral procession coming in on the greenway, the dulles toll road and on to 66 toward arlington national cemetery. if you're planning to head over on the inbound side of 66, let's take a live look. no problems to report at west ox road as you head for the beltway. in my next report, we'll take a look at college park situation at 6:58. >> thank you, monika. if you see a lot of fire trucks and ambulances racing around in fairfax county today, don't worry. it's the start of a three-day
6:44 am
tornado drill. and we have some video from that. this is when the storms hit our region last october. the tornadoes have caused $34 million in damage in the county over the years. that's why fairfax first responders are teaming up in this exercise. the other pictures you just saw are the stunning views of the tidal basin. we have some live pictures this morning there. just absolutely gorgeous. if you get a chance, make sure the batteries are ready in your digital camera because it's well worth the trip. nothing like getting down there and finding out your batteries have died. it's a bummer. >> it is but absolutely stunning. >> it is. should be a good afternoon for that. even tomorrow and friday i think even a better afternoon. today the problem will be the clouds and the fog. it will burn off but not till the afternoon. the morning will be cloudy. visibilities in spots down to one-quarter of a mile, dulles, leesburg, parts of southern maryland we're seeing some of those reduced visibilities and even toward culpeper a parter
6:45 am
mile. stafford a half mile. the national weather service has issue add dense fog advisory east of the blue ridge till 10:00 a.m. north and east you don't have it but there are pockets of dense fog there as well. the bus stop forecast we're calling for the clouds, itself fog, temperatures -- the fog, temperatures running in the low 50s to low 60s. patchy drizzle. sunrise at 7:09. our day planner today, we will be with the clouds i think through midday but the afternoon features more sunshine. highs getting into the 70 to 75 range. winds not terrible, northeast to southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. our weather headlines more fog this morning. probably tomorrow morning as well. light chance of a shower the next few afternoons but we're not going to see much rain till the weekend. warmer thursday and friday. when i say the weekend, unsettled. showers and storms start and sunday on and off. temperatures knocked down probably only to the 60s. this morning we're in the upper 50s in many areas. cooler in leesburg at 55.
6:46 am
manassas 59. here in town you see the low clouds and the fog around the capital. 59 degrees at reagan national. not too many triggers although we can't rule out an isolated shower or storm today, tomorrow, friday. low 70s. the sun this afternoon more low clouds and fog tonight. we're back in the 50s to near 60. thursday and friday afternoon we get warmer, upper 70s, even low 80s by friday. your weekend, that's unsettled. showers and storms saturday and again on sunday. highs in the 60s. we'll stay in the 60s through early next week. andrea, over to you and please, just save me a little bit. >> i will, howard. this week is chocolate week but i bet you knew that but maybe you hadn't thought of a combination like n. chocolate and bacon. thank you very much for being here. where is your restaurant? >> it's 929f street northwest.
6:47 am
>> right there in the heart of things. i've tasted chocolate with bacon flavor in it but this is bacon and chocolate. we start with bacon. >> this is real bacon, yes. we have apple smoked bacon here in strips. we bake them. once we bake it-- >> on what degree temperature? >> about 50 -- [indiscernible] >> you want it nice and crisp, not so it crumbles. where can you get the apple bacon. >> any high end grocery store like trader joe. >> it's not just for professionals. we cut it in these nice strips. about how wide? >> half an inch wide, about six inches in length. >> so we've cooled the bacon from our oven. >> then we will dip them in the chocolate. this is just a melted
6:48 am
chocolate. you could use -- we like to use dark chocolate because it gives it a balanced flavor. >> i like your little instrument there. standing away. >> don't worry. >> just let them dry? >> let them sit on the tray. we'll sprinkle them with sea salt. >> any special flavor to the sea salt? i know there are all kinds of different flavors, colors. >> you could add any kind of flavor like ground peppercorns, pink peppercorns. >> how popular is this? >> this is the most popular item. >> did you come up with this idea? >> yes. it actually happened when we served this chocolate covered bacon as a garnish on our bacon mac and cheese. the guests started asking give me more. then we came up with the packaging so we sell it in our
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boutique. >> very nice. thank you very much for being here with us. i know people will want to sample this. we'll save you some, howard. thank you for standing by to help out. we've been combing through the daily deals to find you some deep discounts. two ice cream deals are among my personal favorites today. maybe you love cookie puss as a kid. this will appeal to you. it's a deal for carvel in arlington. pay $4. get $8 to spend on frozen treats or pay $10 and get $20 on any ice cream cake. gilt city has a deal for ben & jerry's shops. you pay $5. our get $10 for ice cream and more. this deal has limited availability so there is the possibility it could sell out. finally, would you like a personal case for your iphone 4 or 4s?
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maybe you could put a picture of your kid on there maybe your dog or cat. you can get a personalized case for $14, normally a $31 value sour' getting 54% off here. if you have an offer you've soon or you're a local merchant with a deal, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the news before you go is up next.
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welcome back. 6:53. dense fog advisory till 10:00 a.m. we've got drizzle in spots along with the low clouds anded fog. by noon still cloudy and 67. a couple of sunny breaks then but sunny this afternoon, 70 to
6:54 am
75. wednesday, march 21 is the day. here's a check on the news before you go today. police in prince george's county have a homicide investigation on their hands. this morning around 1:00 they found a man shot inside a burning car. this was on palmer road east of route 210 in fort washington. investigators are now working on the exact timeline. the victim's name has not been released. d.c. police have stopped enforcement of the new red top parking meter rules weeks after they started it. the city council suspended those rules for 90 days saying it places an undue burden on disabled drivers. there are 1500 red top meters across the city. the lady hoyas out of the ncaa tournament. they fell to georgia tech last night final score 76-64. this is georgia tech's first ever trip to the sweet 16. it is 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. that burning question was right now at least 15% of men in america are suffering from which of these problems.
6:55 am
is it a, insomnia, b, mismatched socks, or c, a fallen zipper. >> 15% of you guys x, y, z. the answer is c, fallen zipper. pull it up, people. >> we'll have one more check of traffic and weather next here on 9news now.
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6:58 am
whatever happened to amelia earhart. >> could this be the clue that solves the 75-year-old murder? >> mystery, not murder. >> excuse me. that's what i was trying to say. still looking for amelia earhart. they think they may have found
6:59 am
some landing gear from her plane. way back when president franklin roosevelt sent nine avenue ships, 66 aircraft, found next to nothing. >> i think what's going to happen now is what we hear is they're going to send down robotic ships to look for it, sonar to see if they get some pings and hopefully we'll answer she was a spy, when she went down in the ocean or went down on land. dense fog advisory this morning. sun this afternoon. temperatures in the low 70s and then warmer thursday and friday with some more late night clouds, early morning fog. we'll look at one graphic. an accident route 5 at brandywine. a multivehicle accident there. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25.